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Every driver knows that worn tires can be dangerous. Lack of tread makes it harder to stop the vehicle and thin spots are prone to blow outs. However, newer tires can also be dangerous if they are not designed and manufactured properly. This is evidenced by the number of tire recalls seen in newspapers on occasion.

Board-certified personal injury attorney Jerry D. Andrews has experience with vehicle accidents involving defective tires. The Dallas, Texas, law firm of Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., has the reputation and resources to pursue defective product cases and recover compensation from the negligent parties. If you were injured or lost a loved one to a tire defect accident, speak with us to learn how we may help you.

Tire Failures Can Lead To Serious Injury Or Wrongful Death

Defective tires may fail regardless of their age and condition. Defects such as tread separation can be caused by contaminated tire molds or the use of inferior rubber stock. Tire tread separation can happen to any type of vehicle, but large vehicles such as SUVs and trucks may be at greater risk.

Tire defects can cause serious accidents that affect more than one vehicle. If a tire blows out and the driver loses control, other cars on the road may be involved in the collision. These are very dangerous motor vehicle incidents, which can cause issues such as head-on collisions, rollovers and running other cars off the road.

Car, truck and motorcycle accidents can be the result of tire defects. When we investigate your accident, we will consider whether defective components could have been a factor.

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