Dog Bite Injuries

Even if it seems nice at first, a dog may turn aggressive if startled or provoked. Resulting dog bites can cause deep bruises or lacerations, physical scarring and even death. At the law office of Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., we take animal attacks seriously. Our personal injury attorney will hold dog owners liable for dog bite injuries, including the medical expenses and pain and suffering associated with the attack.

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Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to animal attacks. Their unstable or sudden movements can startle a nervous dog, causing it to bite. Bites to the face or other unprotected areas can leave deep puncture wounds, which may lead to nerve damage, serious infections or even death.

If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite, please contact us immediately. Waiting may hinder your chances of recovering full compensation.

Responsibilities Of Dog Owners In Dallas, Texas

In Texas, dog owners are responsible for any misbehavior of their animal, especially if an attack occurred on the owner's property. When owners fail to uphold this responsibility, serious injury can result. If an attacking dog was known to be aggressive, the animal's owner is automatically liable for the attack.

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As a board certified personal injury attorney, Jerry D. Andrews knows how to get the compensation you deserve. He will examine your claim and seek to recover damages for your injuries, including all medical expenses and any psychological treatment required as a result of the attack.

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