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What Should I Do If I Was In A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

If you have been in an accident with a commercial vehicle, the next steps can be more complex than an accident involving passenger vehicles only. Since a commercial entity may own the vehicle, the company can be held liable as well, increasing the amount of possible compensation but also the complexity. Often, commercial vehicles will be larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, and can inflict catastrophic or even fatal injuries in a collision. Victims of commercial vehicle accidents, like other motor vehicle accidents, may be entitled to compensation for hospital and doctor bills, lost wages and benefits from time missed at work, and pain and suffering.

At Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., we have the experience and resources needed to investigate your accident and seek compensation from the liable party or parties. If you are a professional commercial driver who was injured while driving for work, we will represent you as well.

Carrollton Attorney Battling the Transportation Company's Insurance Carriers for You

Taking on accident cases involving commercial vehicles, including trucks, are complicated by several factors. These types of vehicles are covered by commercial vehicle insurance and in some cases, may involve multiple levels of insurance. This can mean a tougher fight against insurance companies that will resist paying out claims on large policies. At Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., we are ready to take on the transportation company, their insurance companies, and their lawyers. Jerry D. Andrews is a board-certified personal injury attorney with the experience and determination to get you the compensation you deserve.

Commercial vehicles can include:

No matter what type of commercial vehicle was involved in the accident, it is essential to begin an investigation as soon as possible before evidence disappears and memories fade. Our firm will comprehensively investigate the crash and the surrounding circumstances. There could be any number of causes of a commercial vehicle accident, including poor maintenance on the vehicle, dangerous driving by the vehicle operator, a fatigued driver, a driver who was operating their vehicle while intoxicated, or a driver whose attention was diverted by a phone call, a text, or other distraction.

Our investigators will work to reconstruct the accident, identify a cause, and begin building a case against the liable party or parties. This will allow our legal team to do everything we can to get you the full compensation you need to begin putting your life back together.

Irving Attorney for Commercial Vehicle Crash Injury Compensation

For victims of a commercial vehicle accident, the road back from these injuries can be long and require substantial financial compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. Accidents involving commercial vehicles, like any serious vehicle accident, could result in catastrophic or fatal injuries. This can include brain and head injuries, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, broken bones, burn injuries, amputations, and internal organ damage. In the tragic case of a fatal accident, we also help surviving family members recover wrongful death compensation.

Contact a Farmers Branch Commercial Vehicle Crash Lawyer

Given the complexities involved in an accident caused by a commercial vehicle, it is essential that you contact an experienced attorney who will protect your rights. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a crash with any type of commercial vehicle, contact Jerry D. Andrews, P.C. today. We will investigate your case and fight for the compensation that you deserve. Contact our office or call 214-221-5800 to set up a free consultation and case review. Our firm serves victims injured in accidents in and around the Dallas metro area, including Grand Prairie, Irving, Coppell, Carrollton, Valley Ranch, Mesquite, Farmers Branch, and Garland. Se habla Español.

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