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Lawyer for Injuries Caused by Defective Medications and Medical Devices in Dallas County

Out of all of the products that you use on a regular basis, medical and pharmaceutical products are perhaps those that you rely on the most to work as intended. In many cases, medications and medical devices are crucial to maintaining your health or combating the health problems that you are facing. If one of these products is defective, it may not only fail at its intended purpose, but also cause substantial injuries and health complications beyond those you were already experiencing.

In cases involving defective drugs and medical products, determining liability and recovering compensation can be especially difficult without experienced legal representation. Attorney Jerry Andrews has more than 25 years of experience handling a wide variety of defective product and personal injury cases, and he is a board-certified injury lawyer in Texas. He will review your case and work to ensure that you have the best possible representation as you pursue a fair resolution.

Types of Defective Medical Products

Different kinds of pharmaceutical and medical products can be the subject of a defective product injury case. Some common examples include:

  • Prescription drugs - Many noteworthy defective pharmaceutical product cases involve prescription medications with harmful side effects. Some popular medications that have recently come under scrutiny include Actos, Lipitor, Nexium, Xarelto, and several types of antidepressants.
  • Over-the-counter medication - Defective non-prescription medication like painkillers, anti-allergy medications, cough suppressants, nausea and heartburn medications, and skin condition treatments can also have harmful effects.
  • Medical devices - Defective medical devices including pacemakers, prosthetics, implants, insulin pumps, and transvaginal mesh can cause serious injury if they malfunction or break down inside the body.

If you experience any unexpected physical or mental effects after using any of these products, it is important to get medical help as soon as possible to determine whether the drug or device may be responsible. An attorney can help you further investigate the product to collect evidence and start building a case for compensation.

Who is Liable for Defective Drugs in Texas?

According to Texas products liability law, injury victims of defective medical products may be able to recover compensation from negligent manufacturers, distributors, or prescribers. Manufacturers may be liable for failing to adequately test a product before distribution, withholding important information from the Food and Drug Administration, failing to provide adequate warnings of possible side effects, or failing to address a dangerous flaw in the manufacturing process.

Distributors and prescribers can be liable for injuries if they altered or tampered with a product, negligently exposed a product to damage or contamination, or removed or altered a warning label. They can also be liable for misrepresenting a product's use or effects, or for prescribing a product for a purpose for which it has not been approved.

With the help of an attorney, liable parties can be held accountable for any damages you have suffered due to a defective medical product. Some of the harmful effects of defective drugs include internal bleeding, organ damage, infections, birth defects, and chronic pain. You may be entitled to compensation for any necessary medical treatment for these effects, as well as other damages including lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, scarring, and disfigurement. If the effects of a defective drug are fatal, surviving family members can pursue compensation from liable parties through a wrongful death claim.

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