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Recovering After A Traumatic Brain Injury

In the blink of an eye, your life can change. A car accident, explosion at work, or a medical mistake can result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and alter your future and your family's future forever. Even mild head and brain injuries can temporarily affect your day-to-day functioning and prevent you from participating in everyday activities. Injury victims often must take time off work and face unexpected medical bills. If the injury is catastrophic, the victim may have life-long debilitations and require long-term care at home or in a medical facility. Sadly, some victims of head or brain injuries do not fully recover and may even die due to their injuries.

No victim of traumatic brain injuries should face an uncertain future alone. At Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., we are dedicated to helping victims recover the losses they deserve and meeting the future on solid financial ground. If a family member or loved one was the victim of an accident that resulted in a traumatic head or brain injury, contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your legal options. Our Dallas law firm has competently handled personal injury cases ranging from minor injuries to those causing traumatic injuries and death. If someone was to blame, we will help you hold them responsible.

Valley Ranch Attorney for Head and Brain Injuries

A common cause of head and brain injuries is a sudden blow to the head. This can happen due to a motor vehicle crash, workplace accident, slip and fall accident, explosion, or other event when there is a blow, bump, or jolt to the head. Long-term brain injuries can also result from a prolonged lack of oxygen, including drowning, carbon monoxide exposure, choking, suffocation, or during surgery or other medical procedure. Severe brain injuries can also be caused by a penetrating injury, such as a bullet, shrapnel, or being hit by a weapon or other sharpened object.

Outside of the initial injury caused by the accident, there can be various long-term effects. Brain damage can present itself in many ways. Changes in personality, memory loss, and day-to-day forgetfulness may only be the beginning. After any accident or incident of violence involving head trauma, you need to look for changes in yourself or the other victim. See a physician immediately if you're suffering from physical or cognitive difficulties or if you notice behavioral changes. Round-the-clock care may need to be provided by a nurse or a family member willing to give up their career. Modifications to the house may be required if the victim suffered a spinal cord injury and is now wheelchair bound.

Seek Brain Injury Compensation with a Garland Lawyer

The impacts of a head or brain injury place a heavy financial burden on the victim and their family. At Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., we can help you obtain the compensation you require to cope with these new complications in your life and act as your advocate through the legal process. We will thoroughly review the facts surrounding your accident and consult experts as needed to determine the extent of your injuries. The daily expenses coupled with the pain and suffering that everyone is experiencing deserves to be compensated.

While a quick resolution and settlement are desirable for many victims and their families, do not allow insurance companies to coerce you into accepting a cheap settlement before you have a chance to learn more about your legal rights. They do not have your best interest in mind and are not your allies when you have been hurt. Attorney Jerry D. Andrews can intervene with insurance companies on your behalf and pursue the compensation you deserve. He can negotiate a favorable settlement but also has the experience to litigate your brain or head injury case effectively.

Mesquite Attorney for Brain and Head Injuries

Contact our office if you or a loved one suffers a brain injury caused by any type of accident related to another party's negligence. Call 214-221-5800 today to schedule your free consultation and case evaluation at Jerry D. Andrews, P.C.. There are no fees unless you collect compensation. Our team works on behalf of clients throughout North Texas, including in Dallas, Garland, Valley Ranch, Farmers Branch, Irving, Carrolton, Grand Prairie, Coppell, and Mesquite. Se habla Español.

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