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Dallas, TX Personal Injury Lawyer for Dangerous Highway Accidents

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Attorney for Car Crash Victims on I-35 and Other Busy Highways Near DFW Airport

The North Dallas area is home to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), one of the busiest airports in the United States. The roads surrounding DFW, including I-35E, I-635, I-75, Highway 114, and Highway 183, are frequently packed with drivers traveling to and from the airport. Other parts of Dallas also experience high traffic on I-20, I-30, and I-45, as well as the George Bush Tollway, the North Dallas Tollway, and the Sam Rayburn Tollway. Unfortunately, this means a greater risk of car accidents and injuries for visitors and residents alike.

Because of the many dangerous roads in and around Dallas, it is important that you know where to turn if you or a loved one is injured in an accident. At Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., our Texas Board Certified injury lawyer represents victims of highway car crashes to help them recover full compensation for their medical bills and other damages. Attorney Jerry Andrews brings over 25 years of experience and a commitment to personal service to each client.

Common Causes of Dallas Highway Accidents

The congestion and high volume of traffic on highways around DFW and throughout Dallas may increase the risk of car accidents, but in most cases, the root cause of an accident is the negligence of one or more drivers. Some examples of negligence in highway car crashes include:

  • Speeding - Legal speed limits on Texas highways can reach 75 mph or more, which is already a speed at which serious accidents are possible. In many cases, drivers exceed the posted speed limit, whether out of carelessness or in a hurry to make a flight or get to work on time.
  • Distracted driving - Texting and driving and other cell phone use are growing problems on Texas roads, especially in high traffic areas. Other common distractions in highway accidents include GPS devices, music and vehicle controls, passengers, and activities like eating or personal grooming while driving.
  • Drowsy driving - DFW airport traffic happens at all hours, with many drivers continuing to their destinations after a late arrival or traveling to the airport for a red-eye departure. Night driving often means driver fatigue, which can dull alertness and slow reaction times.
  • Drunk driving - Texas is one of the most dangerous states for alcohol-related car accidents, and the risk factors of impairment are compounded on busy highways with vehicles traveling at high speeds.
  • Reckless driving - Some highway drivers act without care for the safety of others on the road. In addition to unsafe speeding, reckless driving can include erratic lane changes, tailgating, and incidents involving road rage.

Recovering Compensation for Highway Accident Injuries

In order to recover damages related to your injuries, you will need evidence of another driver's negligence. Depending on the situation, this can include police reports, blood alcohol tests, phone records, camera footage, and witness testimony. In some cases, it may be necessary to thoroughly investigate a crash to determine whether multiple parties are at fault. For example, in an accident involving a commercial semi-truck, the driver and their employer could both be negligent. In a multi-vehicle pile-up, more than one negligent driver could have created the circumstances leading to your injuries, in which case they could all be liable for a portion of your damages.

Injury victims may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and non-economic damages for pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, loss of enjoyment, and loss of companionship. In fatal accidents, which are all too common on Texas highways, family members of the deceased can recover damages for loss of support, grief, and funeral expenses through a wrongful death claim. We will help you prepare your claim and represent you throughout negotiations or litigation with the goal of reaching a fair settlement or verdict.

Contact a DFW Highway Accident Attorney

Hiring an attorney as soon as possible after an accident can improve your chances of achieving a successful outcome. For a free consultation, contact us today at 214-221-5800. We can help you determine how to proceed, and we only charge a fee for our services if we win your case. We serve clients in Dallas and the surrounding areas, including Carrollton, Irving, Coppell, Farmers Branch, Valley Ranch, Mesquite, Grand Prairie, and Garland.

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