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Who Can File For A Wrongful Death Claim?

When a loved one is taken away too soon, the surviving family members may not know where to turn. There is no replacing what you have lost, but that doesn't mean you are helpless. If the negligence of another person or party led to the death of your family member or loved one, Jerry D. Andrews, P.C. can help you hold them responsible for their actions. We can work with you to put together a case for the compensation you deserve to start putting your life back together again.

Grand Prairie Lawyer for Wrongful Death Cases

Attorney Jerry D. Andrews is a Texas board-certified personal injury trial lawyer who has tried over 30 personal injury cases and has secured many successful verdicts and settlements. Types of wrongful death cases that our firm can provide you with representation include:

Motor vehicle accidents - Whether caused by reckless driving, distracted driving, drunk driving, or another cause, car accidents are a leading cause of wrongful deaths in Texas and across the country. Given their size and weight, truck accidents account for a disproportionate number of serious injuries and wrongful deaths. Depending on the cause of the accident, the driver, trucking company, or warehouse may have liability for a fatal crash. In some cases, defective parts or design flaws can cause a fatal car accident. In this scenario, the manufacturer can be held responsible.

Work accidents - On-the-job injuries can turn deadly on a dangerous job site. Whether the fatal accident involved a construction site, oil and gas drilling site, factory, or any other type of workplace, we will provide skilled assistance and hold the negligent parties responsible.

Dangerous or defective products - Manufacturing defects, design defects, lack of warnings or instruction, and generally hazardous products can all cause catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths. We work to hold negligent companies responsible in product liability cases for their dangerous and defective products.

Jerry D. Andrews, P.C. takes a detail-oriented approach to each wrongful death case, identifying how the catastrophic accident happened and the extent of your loss. In the case of a vehicle accident, we will gather information from witnesses and police reports, visit the site of the accident, and consult accident reconstructionists to build a strong case. For all cases, we work hard to help families seek justice and move on with peace of mind.

Bringing Results to Wrongful Death Cases in Mesquite

In cases of wrongful death, the stakes are often very high for remaining family members. Beyond the obvious emotional toll, cases involving a primary wage earner will bring worries about financial stress. At the same time, the death of a parent leaves a widow with the burden of raising children on their own.

At Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., we stand ready to pursue the best course of action in your case to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions and to secure the compensation you deserve. In some cases, the family may opt for a settlement in a wrongful death case to allow the family to get on with their lives without having to go through protracted litigation. However, insurance companies want a quick settlement and will seek to minimize compensation. We are always prepared to take a case to court where a group of your peers decides the damage awards. This option for litigation is often the best in wrongful death cases.

Please view the verdicts and settlement page to learn more about how Mr. Andrews has helped families recover fair compensation for their losses.

Coppell Wrongful Death Attorney

At Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., we have experience helping families recover fair compensation after losing a loved one in an accident. We will take the time to learn about your case and help hold the negligent parties responsible for their actions. For more information or to schedule your free initial consultation, contact our office or give us a call at 214-221-5800. Our law firm serves individuals and families throughout North Texas, including Dallas, Irving, Carrolton, Valley Ranch, Garland, Farmers Branch, Coppell, Grand Prairie, and Mesquite. Se habla Español.

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