Providing Texans Legal Guidance With Defective Auto Product Claims

Even the safest of drivers can suffer injuries while driving a car. It isn't always another driver that causes accidents. Defective auto parts also can cause drivers to lose control of their cars and injure themselves and possibly others.

At the law office of Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., in Dallas, Texas, we hold product manufacturers liable if they have created dangerous or defective products.

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Helping You Recover Losses Caused By Dangerous And Defective Auto Parts

When an auto part malfunctions, the injuries can be severe or fatal: broken necks, permanent paralysis, traumatic brain injuries and amputations. At the law office of Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., we are experienced at representing those injured by defective auto parts, such as:

  • Vehicle rollover due to defective design
  • Defective seat belt latches and retractors
  • Defective door latches
  • Insufficiently supported roofs
  • Tire blowouts and tire tread separation
  • Improper fuel tank design

Not many lawyers practice in this area of the law due to the complexity, time, and expense involved. Attorney Jerry D. Andrews is a Texas board-certified personal injury trial lawyer. He has tried numerous personal injury cases and can help you with your case.

Manufacturers of automobile products have a responsibility to create parts that maintain the highest standards of safety. When they fail in that responsibility and you are injured, you need aggressive representation to protect your rights.

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