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July 2014 Archives

Crash between two 18-wheelers in Texas sends drivers to hospital

Throughout Texas, trucks are familiar sights on local roads and highways because they are the primary way in which goods and materials are transported around the country. The size of larger commercial trucks such as tractor-trailers can be intimidating for drivers of smaller vehicles whenever they have to drive next to them. Sometimes even truck drivers may want to think twice about driving around other trucks.

Car collision kills 4 on rural highway north of Corpus Christi

Considering the volume of traffic, the size of the state and the number of vehicles on the road, it is no surprise that Texas has many car accidents every day. Some accidents are truly accidental and often involve sudden changes in weather and driving conditions, but many others are caused by driver negligence and failure to exercise caution. Driving while intoxicated, failure to follow traffic rules and regulations and reckless and distracted driving are among the most common forms of driver negligence. Unfortunately, a few of these car accidents leave few, if any survivors.

Alleged drunk driver causes fatal accident in Houston

Fatal accidents can happen anywhere, especially if negligence is present. In Dallas, Texas, local readers often see news of fatal motor vehicle accidents caused by drivers who were driving drunk and disobeying traffic laws, as well as speeding. Such behaviors are signs of negligence and whenever a negligent driver causes a collision resulting in injuries or fatalities, that driver may face both criminal and civil liabilities.

18-wheeler accident kills one person in Fort Worth, Texas

Trucks traveling on major roadways are a common sight in Dallas, Texas. Drivers of passenger vehicles, such as cars, know that it is important for them to keep their distance from such large vehicles because trucks are capable of causing a catastrophe in the event of a collision. A person can easily understand the damaging potential of a truck by simply looking at it. The truck's sheer size and weight contributes tremendously to its destructive power, which can easily damage smaller vehicles in a collision.

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