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September 2014 Archives

Building a strong case is essential in Texas wrongful death cases

Texas wrongful death claims arise in cases that involve the death of a person and the negligence of another. For the surviving family members of the deceased, the sudden demise of their loved one is heartbreaking. Death due to natural causes is easier to accept compared with death caused by someone else's carelessness, misconduct or negligence. We have been handling wrongful death cases for more than 15 years, and we understand the importance of finding the party responsible for your great loss.

What are the common causes behind truck accidents?

Trucks are huge vehicles equipped with powerful motors that are capable of hauling thousands of pounds of freight. Due to the size of these vehicles, operating them requires experience and proper training, which only professional truck drivers have. Trucking industries are required to follow federal trucking regulations set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The federal guidelines were made to ensure the safe navigation of trucks on the road. Deviating from those guidelines can increase the chances of truck accidents in Dallas and surrounding areas.

Car accidents: the most common form of traffic accident

Since cars make up the majority of vehicles travelling on roads and highways, it is not surprising that cars are often involved in collisions with other cars or other motor vehicles. Based on data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 5,615,000 car accidents in 2012. Many of these accidents resulted in injuries and fatalities.

Motorcycle accident victims deserve fair compensation

Many Texans enjoy using their motorcycles for a variety of reasons, whether for recreation on weekends or daily transportation to and from work. Most motorcyclists are aware of the risks they take in operating their bikes, and this is why the vast majority of them ride responsibly to avoid collisions with other vehicles. However, they can never predict when negligent drivers are on the road, and some of these drivers exhibit poor judgment by doing things such as following too closely and disregarding a motorcyclist's right of way. Unfortunately, these behaviors too often have devastating consequences.

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