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December 2014 Archives

Traumatic brain injuries have several common causes

Wheneverthe human brain is physically injured,a person will probably experience any of a wide range of problems, including cognitive deficits and in extreme circumstances, even a coma. People across the country, including many in Texas, have become more concernedabout this type of injury in recent years because of the possibility of permanent and even temporary disability if someone survives the injury. Fortunately, by knowing the most common causes of headand brain injuries, people have a better chance of protecting themselves from harm.

Young teacher dies in multiple-car collision

Some drivers act responsibly while others are reckless and engage in dangerous behaviors that put other people's lives at risk. In Dallas, Texas, there have been numerous car accidents caused by driver negligence. Drunk driving, tailgating, driving too slow or too fast and failing to obey state and local traffic laws are some of the most common signs of driver's negligence. Drivers who continue to drive irresponsibly can be held liable if they are the cause of an accident that leads to serious injuries and fatalities.

Texas driver in wrongful death faces manslaughter charge

The loss of a loved one is a sad event for Texas family members. When the person has died suddenly and violently, however, the feeling is likely to be one of devastation. Questions then follow such as, "Was someone at fault?" The results of an investigation by law enforcement can determine whether negligence was a contributing factor to the death. Surviving family members are then often impatient for the results of any investigation.

Common accident injuries every Dallas motorcyclist faces

In Dallas, Texas, like many parts of the country, motorcycles are a popular choice for transportation both around town and for longer distances. These vehicles are fuel-efficient and easy to maintain. The major downside of riding a motorcycle is the risk of a motorcycle accident and severe or fatal injuries. When a motorcycle collides with most other motor vehicles, the motorcyclist has almost no protection and is at the mercy of the road and other vehicles. If a cyclist does not die in an accident, he or she risks several common accident injuries.

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