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Common accident injuries every Dallas motorcyclist faces

In Dallas, Texas, like many parts of the country, motorcycles are a popular choice for transportation both around town and for longer distances. These vehicles are fuel-efficient and easy to maintain. The major downside of riding a motorcycle is the risk of a motorcycle accident and severe or fatal injuries. When a motorcycle collides with most other motor vehicles, the motorcyclist has almost no protection and is at the mercy of the road and other vehicles. If a cyclist does not die in an accident, he or she risks several common accident injuries.

Broken bones are among the most common. In many solo motorcycle accidents, a motorcycle can fall onto a rider or the rider can be ejected from the vehicle; both outcomes typically result in one or more fractures as well as internal injuries. These include broken necks and legs, arm and wrist fractures and broken pelvises and shoulders. If the accident involves a four-wheeled vehicle, bones can easily be crushed under the weight of a car or truck.

Road rash is the second type of motorcycle injury that many riders suffer. Because riders have only clothing between them and the outside world, any sudden contact with a road surface, for example, can make for significant abrasions. The severity of road rash is classified as first degree, second degree or third degree. The last is the most severe and requires immediate medical attention. How effective recently developed high-tech clothing is in preventing road rash still remains to be seen.

Finally, but perhaps most severe, are head injuries. Riders who do not wear helmets frequently die during accidents because of massive head trauma. If they survive, they often sustain brain injuries that can lead to long-term medical treatment, therapy and rehabilitation, if not permanent disability because the brain cannot repair itself.

Source:, "Common injuries caused by motorcycle accidents," Stephanie Chandler, July 22, 2010

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