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Traumatic brain injuries have several common causes

Wheneverthe human brain is physically injured,a person will probably experience any of a wide range of problems, including cognitive deficits and in extreme circumstances, even a coma. People across the country, including many in Texas, have become more concernedabout this type of injury in recent years because of the possibility of permanent and even temporary disability if someone survives the injury. Fortunately, by knowing the most common causes of headand brain injuries, people have a better chance of protecting themselves from harm.

Falls are one leading cause of traumatic brain injury. Ladders, steps, bathtubs and showerscan all produce falls thatlead to a TBI. The age groups that are most at risk are young children and older adults; individuals in both groups often have trouble maintaining their balance.

Motor vehicle crashes are another important cause of TBIs. When motor vehicles collide with one another or with pedestrians or bicyclists, those who take the biggest physical impact can suffer serious injuries, including brain injuries. Pedestrians and bicyclists are more likely to suffer these injuries, especially if they do not wear helmets. The violence ofchild abuse, domestic abuse and gunshot wounds can also cause TBIs. Infants,in particular, are highly susceptible to brain injuriesif they are violently shaken, a condition known as shaken baby syndrome.

Sports and combat can also cause brain injury. There have been many cases of athletes,such as football players and boxers, suffering from TBIs. Military service members suffer some of the worst brain traumas because of the type of weapons used in war. Symptoms of these injuries may not surface for weeks.

When any of the causes of abrain injuryare due to misconduct or negligence on the part of another person, they may be able to hold the other person accountable.For this reason, the injured person may wish to considerseeking compensation through legal action.

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