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January 2015 Archives

Which age group is most at risk for a brain injury?

Brain or an injury to the head is one of the leading causes of emergency room visits in the United States. Some brain injuries are minor while others are considered severe and therefore require immediate medical attention. Often, a head injury is caused by a sudden jolt to the head and neck area. Readers need to understand that the skull does not need to be cracked for a person to sustain injury. A strong blow to the head is enough to cause injury.

Motorcycle helmets prevent injuries in motorcycle accidents

For many Texans, the motorcycle is an important part of their lifestyle, offering freedom and a less-expensive way to travel. Unfortunately, the risk of accidents that comes with motorcycle riding is far higher than for drivers of other vehicles. With accidents also come substantial costs from medical treatment -- and the costs that come from riders killed. Among the most expensive forms of trauma are head injuries, especially in cases where riders are killed. Fortunately, the use of helmets has now been shown to be a safer way to ride and to have less economic impact in the event of an accident. Blows to the head often produce brain injuries, and the worst of these are fatal. The most effective way to prevent these injuries is by wearing a helmet.

Recovering full compensation for Texas truck accident victims

Texans can see large commercial trucks every day on major roads, state highways and interstates traveling with other vehicles at all times of the day and night. Most of the time, trucks travel without incident, but sometimes, they are involved in crashes. In general, truck collisions are more serious than traffic accidents involving most types of motor vehicles because of their size, weight and power. If accidents result from truck drivers failing to follow traffic rules and regulations, then any injured parties or the surviving family members of people killed may be able to recover compensation because of negligence.

Collision causes car to burn, killing two occupants

Car collisions happen frequently on major roads and highways. In busy traffic areas like Dallas, Texas, motorists often witness accidents involving cars because of the frequency of these kinds of passenger car accidents. When cars or other vehicles collide, the people involved are likely to suffer from injuries and sometimes fatalities in severe cases. After a car accident, the party who caused the crash is likely to face consequences.

What damages can be claimed in a wrongful death lawsuit?

Many different types of accidents that cause a wrongful death occur on a regular basis in the United States. Deaths caused by workplace accidents, medical malpractice and motor vehicle accidents often lead to wrongful death lawsuits. In Dallas, Texas, readers must understand that wrongful death action is only applicable if negligence contributed to the untimely demise of a person. Surviving family members of the deceased person, the decedent's estate or the spouse of the deceased may file a claim and seek compensation from responsible parties.

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