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Tractor trailers pose unique truck accident risks in Dallas

Any Texas vehicular accident poses danger and the risk of injury, but an accident involved a tractor trailer poses some unique dangers. Texas commercial trucks that are carrying a full load may weigh 25 times more than an average car, and this vastly different weight ratio means a truck accident can often pose serious consequences for those Texans involved.

Commercial trucks present the possibility of dangers that do not exist with regular vehicles. One particularly frightening risk with 18-wheeler accidents is the risk of turning accidents. Due to their size and the laws of physics, it can be difficult to turn a large commercial truck. To make a right turn, sometimes, tractor trailers must use two lanes. Other drivers may not recognize that the truck is using two lanes or the turn may happen more quickly than a non-commercial driver anticipates, resulting in a collision. A truck driver may be found to be negligent in a scenario in which the driver turns from an inside lane or occupies two lanes to turn.

Another danger specific to commercial trucks is jackknifing. Jackknifing occurs when the cab of a truck and its trailer stop traveling at the same speed and then become misaligned, leading them to form an L or V shape. Eighteen-wheelers have a tendency to jackknife if the driver suddenly brakes or turns. The conditions of the road, including the position of other drivers, are likely to be considered by a court in determining whether a driver whose truck jackknifed was negligent.

A person who has been injured in a tractor-trailer crash may suffer serious injuries, as well as lost wages. An attorney familiar with personal injury law may be able to guide an injured person during this difficult time to seek compensation.

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