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What constitutes a traumatic brain injury?

As Dallas residents know, the dangers of a car accident are many. One of the most frightening dangers is the risk of a traumatic brain injury because damage to the brain can severely alter a person's life for the worse.

Traumatic brain injuries, which occur when external force is applied to a person's head, as so often happens in car or truck accident, may occur on a closed or open skull, such as when a skull fracture occurs. Common types of traumatic brain injuries are concussions, contusions, penetration injuries and diffuse axonal injuries.

Concussions are probably the most familiar type of traumatic brain injury and that is because they are the most common. Concussions result from a direct trauma to a person's head and may follow an episode of whiplash in a car accident. People may lose consciousness following a concussion, but just as likely people may just feel confused, dizzy or not completely like themselves.

Direct trauma to the head may also cause a contusion, which is the very dangerous condition of bleeding in the brain. Depending on the severity of the contusion, a surgeon may have to remove it.

A penetration injury occurs when a sharp object punctures the skull or brain. The possible damages to a person's life cannot be overstated, as these injuries can often be fatal. It is easy to image how in a particularly forceful accident, shards of a vehicle could puncture someone's skull.

When a person suffers a head injury that involves severe shaking, the person may receive what is known as a diffuse axonal injury. This type of brain trauma results in tearing in the brain and could lead to permanent disability or even death.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a traumatic brain injury following a car accident or other incident, it is first and foremost important to seek proper medical attention. It may also be important to discuss with an attorney any options you might have to recover financially for the painful injuries you have suffered.

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