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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Are Not a Cure-All  

Posted on in Truck Accidents

Dallas car accident lawyerCertain driving technology advancements have unquestionably helped keep motorists safer on U.S. roads. For example, backup cameras have helped to minimize the number of children and pets who are hit by vehicles every year in backover accident scenarios. Lane drifting alerts prevent an untold number of crashes as well, now that this technology is used widely. Yet, it is important to remain vigilant about driving safety as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) do not prevent all car accidents.

The Benefits of ADAS

ADAS systems help to prevent collisions by employing either warnings or automatic corrective action in the event that a motorist encounters certain hazards when traveling. For example, if a driver starts to drift out of their lane into an adjacent lane in which another vehicle is traveling in the motorist’s blind spot, an ADAS system may flash a light in the driver’s side mirror and sound an auditory alarm.

ADAS systems have the potential to do so much good that they are becoming widespread, and some are even mandated in new vehicles per federal regulations. The respected AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that these systems could – over the span of the next 30 years – prevent roughly 37 million crashes.  

The Limitations of This Technology

Yet, for all the good that these systems do, they are not a cure-all. At their worst, they could lure motorists into a false sense of security. Like any safety technology, ADAS systems are only as effective as they can be when motorists are alert at the wheel and are driving defensively, to begin with. In many crash scenarios, split-second decisions can literally mean the difference between life and death. Even when ADAS systems work as they are designed to, they cannot make up for the safety deficits that occur when motorists are inattentive at the wheel.

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It is not always easy to know what exactly happened in the lead-up to an injurious collision. Working with an experienced attorney can help crash victims to uncover the truth and to seek any compensation to which they may be entitled from another driver or at-fault party. If you have recently been injured in a wreck and you have questions, consider scheduling a free case evaluation with a knowledgeable Dallas, TX motor vehicle accident lawyer at Jerry D. Andrews, P.C. today. By picking up the phone and calling 214-221-5800 or reaching out online, you can benefit from personalized guidance in a risk-free, no-cost setting. Then, you can make whatever informed decision is best for you and your family at this time.


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