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Did someone's cell phone addiction cause your collision?

 Posted on March 20, 2020 in Uncategorized

You'd likely have your work cut out to try to find an adult under age 75 in Texas who doesn't own a cell phone. Even people in older age groups often use cell phones nowadays. How attached are you to your phone? No matter what your current age happens to be, do you think you're at risk for developing an addiction to your cell phone? Addiction by any name, whether substance abuse, gambling or other, can be tough to overcome and can negatively affect lives.

Addiction often has a ripple effect, meaning it doesn't just affect your own life if you are addicted to something but has a way of causing adverse issues in the lives of the people around you as well. For instance, cell phone addicts often use their phones while driving, even if it's illegal in Texas or another state. This is a serious driving distraction that often leads to collision, which can have disastrous results for those involved.

Issues that often accompany cell phone addiction

Perhaps, you're one of many people in Texas who use their cell phones to do business. Advanced technology is amazing these days and often makes it possible for someone to maintain a self-owned business from any location, as long as they have a cell phone available. The downside is that the issues on the following list suggest you or someone you love might have a cell phone addiction:

  • If you cannot access your phone, do you feel upset, irritated, stressed, angry or anxious? This is one of the most common signs of cell phone addiction.
  • Do you find it difficult to resist the urge to check your phone at inappropriate times and places, such as while you're dining out with your spouse or having a one-on-one, in-person conversation with someone?
  • If your phone hasn't vibrated or run in a while, do you check it anyway, thinking it might be malfunctioning?
  • Do you always feel the need to upgrade to the latest, greatest model?
  • Have you experienced relationship problems because of your cell phone habits?
  • Cell phone addicts often lose track of time while using their phones. Have you ever missed an appointment or been late to a meeting because you were scrolling social media or browsing the internet on your phone?

Answering yes to one or more of the questions on this list definitely warrants further consideration as to whether you have become attached to your cell phone in an unhealthy way. Then again, you might have answered "No," to every issue because you have your cell phone habits under control.

If a nearby driver is a cell phone addict

While you might not be worried about your own cell phone usage, there's no way to know whether the drivers with whom you're sharing the road at any given moment are addicted to their cell phones. A momentary driving distraction can cause a serious collision. Another person's cell phone addiction can land you in the hospital.

What if that happens?

Evidence that a driver was looking down at his or her cell phone when he or she collided with your vehicle is the type of evidence recovering accident victims often use to prove driver negligence in court. If a person suffers injury and can convince a judge or jury that another driver's negligence was the cause, the court may award compensation for damages.

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