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Did someone's cell phone addiction lead to a car accident?

 Posted on February 07, 2018 in Uncategorized

Staying connected has often been a goal of many people. With loved ones and friends living far apart, it is not unusual for parties to want to find ways in which they can easily communicate and stay updated on recent personal news. With social media and apps within arm's reach, constant communication has never been easier.

Cell phones can easily allow you and others to conduct many different activities simply using a device in the palm of your hand. If you need to ask a quick question to a friend, you can simply send a text. If you need to give a general update about your day, you can post to social media. Even if you need to check your bank account, you can likely access an app that gives you information regarding your balances. Though this may seem convenient, when is cell phone use too much?

Cell phone addiction

You may initially think it humorous to think about, but cell phone addiction is a real problem. While you certainly know that setting electronic devices down and giving your attention to other activities is beneficial, some parties may find this action incredibly difficult. If a person exhibits at least four of the following signs, he or she may have a cell phone addiction:

  • Constant preoccupation due to phone use
  • Increased used in order to meet the desired effect
  • Risk of punishment or job loss due to excessive phone use at work
  • Obsessive desires to have the latest phones and apps
  • Unnecessarily angry, depressed or restless reactions when phone or network does not work properly
  • Failing to realize how much time has passed while using the phone

Other signs could also point to a potential cell phone addiction, such as too much use causing relationship issues.

Consequences of addiction

While cell phone addiction could easily damage an individual's personal life, such as those mentioned with employment and relationships, this addiction could also affect other people. Constant cell phone use acts as a substantial distraction, and addicted individuals may often check their phones while behind the wheel of a vehicle. As a result, their cell phone use could easily cause a car accident that leads to serious injuries to themselves and others.

Dealing with an accident

Even if you do not have a cell phone addiction, you may end up as the victim of an accident caused by a driver distracted by his or her cell phone. If so, you may have reason to file a personal injury claim against the person considered responsible. This type of action could help you seek compensation for injuries, medical bills and other permitted damages.

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