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Did someone's road rage cause your accident?

Posted on February 19, 2020 in Uncategorized

An incident of road rage can change your life in a moment. You may not even realize what you did to make the other driver so angry. In fact, you may not have even been involved in the altercation but simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nevertheless, you and perhaps your passengers suffered injuries in the ensuing accident.

Road rage is at the root of many accidents, resulting in injury and death. A driver who cannot control his or her temper may use a vehicle as a weapon, but many road rage incidents involve firearms and other weapons. Aggressive driving and causing physical injury are criminal offenses in Texas, and this information may prove helpful if you are considering seeking compensation for your injuries through the civil courts.

Dangerous behavior

Researchers continue trying to learn why a driver, who may otherwise be a reasonable person, becomes enraged behind the wheel of a vehicle. In fact, if you notice your own tendencies toward frustration under certain circumstances, you are not alone. Many victims of road rage incidents admit to their own aggressive behavior, such as honking the horn or tailgating, in response to another driver's rude actions.

Nevertheless, driving a vehicle on the streets or highways is not the same as bumper cars at a carnival. A driver who takes his or her rage out on other drivers is placing many people at risk. Something as simple as leaving your high beams on, changing lanes without a signal or unintentionally cutting someone off can ignite a dangerous and unreasonable response.

Complex car accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 66% of fatal traffic accidents are the result of aggressive driving. An enraged driver may tailgate you dangerously close, speed past you, drive alongside you shouting into your vehicle, cut in front of you or even try to run you off the road. These drivers often lose control of their vehicles and involve other innocent travelers in their battles.

If you or members of your family have suffered injuries in a road rage incident, you may understand that your situation may be more complicated than a simple accident. An experienced attorney will have the resources to examine every aspect of the case and assist you in working toward your goals of seeking the compensation you deserve for your injuries and loss.

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