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Speeding is common, but it's devastating

Posted on December 08, 2017 in Uncategorized

Every driver in Texas will likely admit to getting behind the wheel while in a hurry and driving a bit too fast at least once. However, as you know, speeding is dangerous, and the reality is that driving too fast greatly increases the chance of a car accident and the severity of a collision.

If you were hurt in an accident caused by a speeding driver, you have options. Victims of excessive speed are able to hold liable drivers accountable through personal injury claims. You have no time to lose in ensuring the protection of your rights and learning more about your options for obtaining compensation after an accident.

Too fast is simply too dangerous

When the speed is especially high, driving too fast is a type of reckless driving. Many people speed, and some may think that it is not that bad as long as no one gets hurt and they don't get caught. In reality, speeding is simply too risky. Consider the following about excessive speed and car accidents:

  • In 2015 — the last year for which complete data is available — speeding was linked to 9,557 deaths in the United States.
  • That same year, speeding contributed to 27 percent of all fatal wrecks.
  • Speeding greatly increases the chance that a driver will lose control of the vehicle.
  • Excessive speed increases the severity of the damage caused by an accident.
  • Speeding can reduce the effectiveness of seatbelts and other safety features.

Simply put, the decision to drive too fast is irresponsible. Speeding causes serious crashes, and drivers who make this choice and ultimately cause harm to others may be financially liable for damages suffered by innocent victims.

What should I do next?

The aftermath of a car accident is overwhelming and confusing. Fortunately, you do not have to face it alone. You have the right to seek legal guidance as you pursue compensation that accurately reflects your financial losses and pain and suffering.

To learn more, please see our overview of obtaining compensation after a motor vehicle accident.

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