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What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident at Work in Texas

 Posted on September 22, 2023 in Work Accidents

TX injury lawyerSlip and fall accidents due to unsafe conditions are one of the top hazards employees face. The first step should always be to get medical attention for your work-related injury. After that, there are important next steps you should take to exercise your legal rights with a Texas lawyer.

Report the Incident

Alert your employer right away that you fell and suffered injuries on their premises. Provide details of exactly where, when, and how you fell. Request to fill out an official incident report and ask for a copy for your records once completed. Getting the details formally documented creates a critical paper trail essential for work-related injuries.

Identify the Cause of the Fall

Identify and photograph what caused your fall. Was it a slippery, wet floor lacking caution signs? Loose produce or debris in the aisles? Unstable displays or mats? Documenting the dangerous condition that led directly to the accident is key evidence. Take close-up photos from multiple angles as proof.

Gather Witness Statements

Get contact details of any witnesses who saw your fall. Their accounts help establish negligence. Ask witnesses to write down specifics of what they observed in a statement. Think back to who was around you during the fall. You can ask around to see if anyone may have seen the fall happen. Having third-party evidence strengthens your claim.

Check for Video Footage

Check if there are any video cameras in the area you fell. Surveillance videos provide objective evidence showing precisely how you fell. Of course, an employer is likely not going to show you or hand over this footage without a lawyer present, so do not try to go after this part yourself.

Document Your Injuries

Use your smartphone to take pictures of any injuries you suffered, like gashes, bruises, or swelling. Photographic evidence complements medical reports detailing trauma and helps convey pain and suffering damages visually. Most phones automatically timestamp the photo, and this helps with proof.

Contact a Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer

Working with a Texas workers' comp attorney can help protect your rights. An attorney can have investigation teams visit the site while conditions are unchanged to thoroughly document, photograph, and inspect the area. While no amount of money can undo a serious fall, taking necessary actions helps to hold negligent employers fully accountable and ensure you receive the benefits you are legally entitled to. Call Jerry D. Andrews, P.C. at 214-221-5800 for a free consultation.

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