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Why has being a pedestrian become more dangerous?

 Posted on November 08, 2017 in Uncategorized

Distracted driving accidents have been on the rise in Texas and across the country, despite increased education and law enforcement efforts. While not necessarily as risky as distraction behind the wheel, distraction on the part of pedestrians is also an issue.

In fact, statistics show an 11-percent increase in the number of pedestrians killed in the United States last year, and pedestrian distraction was a contributing factor.

Factors to Consider

As vehicles these days come with more safety features than ever before, you might assume that the number of car accidents would decrease, but that is not the case. Overall, the number of motor vehicle accidents has increased by 6 percent, and a significant number of these collisions involve people on foot. Researchers note a variety of contributing factors:

  • Better gas prices and a stronger economy mean more people driving, which raises the risk of vehicle accidents, including pedestrian accidents.
  • Everyone is more distracted than ever before, including pedestrians who are walking while looking at their phones.
  • Distraction remains one of the leading threats to pedestrian safety, following speeding and failure to yield.

Drivers become distracted by anything from their own phones to in-car navigation systems, conversations with passengers, and eating. However, there is a growing number of pedestrians who walk while looking at their phones.

To avoid collisions, drivers and pedestrians alike need to avoid distraction on the road.

For more on what to do after a pedestrian accident, please see our law firm's overview of pedestrian and bicycle accidents in the Dallas area. Accident victims need to be aware of their options for obtaining full and fair compensation after suffering a serious injury.

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