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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Injured motorcyclists benefit from Dallas attorney's counsel

It is clear to the naked eye that motorcycles do not provide the same level of physical protection that cars and trucks provide. Obviously, a motorcyclist is more exposed physically than a driver enclosed in a car or truck. This means that in the event of an accident, there is a greater risk of injury for a motorcyclist.

Lane splitting may prevent dangerous motorcycle accidents

Dallas motorcyclists know the thrill of riding their bikes. They offer great control and independence, but they also present the possibility of accidents and the resulting injuries, particularly in heavy traffic. A recent study shows that there might be one way to prevent some motorcycle accident injuries - lane splitting, in which motorcyclists bypass heavy traffic by traveling between lanes of slow-moving or stopped cars.

Can a spinal cord injury arise from a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycles provide Dallas riders with an exhilarating ride and tremendous control over their mode of transportation. However, motorcycle riding also poses risks, as a motorcycle driver is very exposed to the possibility of injury if involved in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle driver dies after collision with alleged drunk driver

Firefighters place themselves in danger every day in the line of duty. There is risk inherent in the job. But a retired firefighter experienced a different kind of dangerous situation recently when he was involved in, and ultimately died following, a motorcycle accident in Dallas.

The dangers of motorcycle accident are real

Now that spring is afoot, more motorcycles will be out on the roadways which is why it is important for both motorcycle riders and drivers of passenger vehicles to understand the potential dangers motorcyclists face. In two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involving a passenger vehicle or other vehicle, the other vehicle violated the motorcycle rider's right of way and caused the motorcycle accident.

Are there any additional tips to prevent motorcycle accidents?

There are many reasons why motorcyclists have catastrophic injuries as a result of a collision with another vehicle. In Dallas, Texas, where there is a large population of motorcyclists, local residents are aware of the risks involved in riding a motorcycle. The vehicle itself offers little protection to its rider, unlike a car, which is equipped with seatbelts and protects the driver inside a metal frame. Because of this, riders should be more cautious whenever they operate their vehicles. They may also read some tips that will help them to avoid motorcycle accidents and injuries.

Motorcycle helmets prevent injuries in motorcycle accidents

For many Texans, the motorcycle is an important part of their lifestyle, offering freedom and a less-expensive way to travel. Unfortunately, the risk of accidents that comes with motorcycle riding is far higher than for drivers of other vehicles. With accidents also come substantial costs from medical treatment -- and the costs that come from riders killed. Among the most expensive forms of trauma are head injuries, especially in cases where riders are killed. Fortunately, the use of helmets has now been shown to be a safer way to ride and to have less economic impact in the event of an accident. Blows to the head often produce brain injuries, and the worst of these are fatal. The most effective way to prevent these injuries is by wearing a helmet.

Common accident injuries every Dallas motorcyclist faces

In Dallas, Texas, like many parts of the country, motorcycles are a popular choice for transportation both around town and for longer distances. These vehicles are fuel-efficient and easy to maintain. The major downside of riding a motorcycle is the risk of a motorcycle accident and severe or fatal injuries. When a motorcycle collides with most other motor vehicles, the motorcyclist has almost no protection and is at the mercy of the road and other vehicles. If a cyclist does not die in an accident, he or she risks several common accident injuries.

What are the best ways to prevent motorcycle accidents?

Riding a motorcycle requires skill. Just as important, however, is the ability to sense danger. This ability can take years to develop, but you can learn a lot by completing a basic rider course. If you do not have enough time to take one, then consider the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them.

Motorcycle accident data statistics and facts

People who ride or operate motorcycles in Dallas are exposed to unique dangers that are not faced by drivers of passenger vehicles such as cars. Without protective gear such as helmets, a rider can sustain severe head injuries in a motorcycle accident. It is also common knowledge that motorcyclists are prone to fatal injuries in collisions. Wearing protective gear does not guarantee the rider's safety. Without proper training and experience, a motorcyclist may find it difficult to make critical decisions to avoid collisions or accidents.

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