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Wrongful Death Archives

Fatal boating accidents are a summertime risk in Texas

For many Texans, summertime brings the pleasure of boating -- whether it is on one of the local lakes, rivers or in the Gulf of Mexico. Boating can be a great way to escape Texas's heat and enjoy time with friends and family. Unfortunately, however, sometimes negligent boaters can cause tragic and fatal accidents on the water.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed following fatal shot by police

Two children lost their mother following her tragic death after a fatal car crash in Texas in 2013. The incident stemmed from what should have been a routine traffic stop, but unfortunately turned deadly. The father of one of the deceased woman's children has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer who fired the fatal shot, on behalf of that child.

Fatal accident occurs on Texas construction site

Electrical work is skilled work, requiring particular knowledge and ability to safely perform what is a potentially dangerous job. Electrical work on a construction site can be even more dangerous as construction sites often pose unique hazards. Tragically, a Texas electrician died recently in a fatal accident while working at a construction site.

Attorney guidance aids Dallas families following wrongful deaths

The death of a loved one is an event no one wants to encounter, especially when that death occurs all too young and possibly due to the misconduct of another. In a previous post, this blog reported on the troubling case of a Dallas teenager who died following injuries sustained after another student severely beat him. The family had filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Dallas Independent School District and the Dallas County Juvenile Department, accusing them of misconduct for causing the teen's death.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed following death of Dallas teen

It is a terrible tragedy when a family loses a child, no matter the cause. When that death is at the hands of another, a family may be seeking answers and wondering what options they have to help them recover for the loss of a loved one. A child's death that occurs due to the misconduct of another may be cause for a wrongful death lawsuit, which may be able to provide some measure of comfort for a grieving family.

In the wake of wrongful death, a surviving family needs advocacy

There is nothing so catastrophic for a family as losing a loved one to someone else's negligence. The family's heartbreak is amplified by the notion that the death should never have happened. This is the tragedy of a wrongful death. This is what the surviving family members are left to deal with. They may feel so devastated that they do not know where to turn. In these tragic circumstances, one of the best steps a suffering family can take is to locate a trusted advocate.

Handling complex wrongful death cases

Fatal accidents are an unfortunate fact of life everywhere in the country, including Texas. Too often, however, someone died because of the actions or inactions of one or more people, thus putting those people at fault. As a result, a wrongful death lawsuit is likely if the fact of negligence can be proven in court. A wrongful death claim allows surviving family members to seek compensation from the party deemed most responsible for a fatal accident. The types of accidents and fatal events include car crashes, negligent acts of medical malpractice and dangerous properties. Filing a wrongful death case, however, can be challenging.

What damages can be claimed in a wrongful death lawsuit?

Many different types of accidents that cause a wrongful death occur on a regular basis in the United States. Deaths caused by workplace accidents, medical malpractice and motor vehicle accidents often lead to wrongful death lawsuits. In Dallas, Texas, readers must understand that wrongful death action is only applicable if negligence contributed to the untimely demise of a person. Surviving family members of the deceased person, the decedent's estate or the spouse of the deceased may file a claim and seek compensation from responsible parties.

Texas driver in wrongful death faces manslaughter charge

The loss of a loved one is a sad event for Texas family members. When the person has died suddenly and violently, however, the feeling is likely to be one of devastation. Questions then follow such as, "Was someone at fault?" The results of an investigation by law enforcement can determine whether negligence was a contributing factor to the death. Surviving family members are then often impatient for the results of any investigation.

Texas wrongful death lawsuits are one of our areas of expertise

Death comes eventually to all living things, including people Texans we know and love. When someone dies from age-related conditions or serious medical problems, we find it easier to move on, especially if we have prepared for the event for any length of time. In cases of sudden death from unexpected causes, however, most of us are likely to feel shock and to wonder how our loved one died and whether someone is responsible. If we find that human negligence contributed to the person's death, then we may want some sense of justice and seek some sort of compensation.

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