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Why You Should Routinely Check for Auto Recall Alerts 

 Posted on August 04, 2023 in Defective Products

Dallas County, TX personal injury lawyerIf you are like most American adults, there is a “too much to do, too little time” energy that impacts how your life tends to unfold. As a result, it can be frustrating to learn that there is yet another effort that you should be making in order to keep yourself and others safer. Yet if you travel by car or truck  with any kind of regularity, it is important to take a few minutes once a month or so to scroll news related to auto recalls. The five minutes you take each month when making this effort may help you to prevent auto accidents and may just save your life or the lives of others.

Why Auto Recalls Matter

When an auto manufacturer unintentionally allows a defective part or product to enter the stream of commerce, consumers unknowingly place themselves and others in harm’s way by using that defective item. As cars are already dangerous machines, adding defective auto parts into the mix can result in injurious or deadly consequences.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the government agency most directly tasked with ensuring that defective auto parts are identified and either fixed or eliminated as a risk to travelers. By initiating mandatory recalls and supporting voluntary recall efforts, the NHTSA helps to save lives.

Staying Informed

If you can take a few minutes each month to scroll the news tab of your favorite search engine for NHTSA-related recall news, you will be better informed about whether any dangerous auto parts in circulation are currently installed in your vehicle or your loved ones’ cars and trucks. Alternatively, you can sign up for recall notice email alerts directly from the NHTSA.

In either event, because the agency often publishes these notices weeks before manufacturers “officially” announce recall efforts, your proactive approach can keep you better informed than you would be if you simply assumed that a recall notice will be delivered to you if one becomes relevant to your household.

Speak with a Dallas Car Accident Lawyer Today to Learn More 

If you are ever involved in an accident, being aware of whether a defective part played a role in the cause(s) of that accident will be important. Driving a defective vehicle could saddle you with liability and learning that another’s defective vehicle caused your harm could absolve you of it.  By scheduling a no-cost case evaluation with a knowledgeable Dallas, TX motor vehicle accident lawyer at Jerry D. Andrews, P.C., you can ask any questions that you may have about defective auto parts and liability for crash-related harm. To get started, call 214-221-5800 or reach out online anytime.


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