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dallas personal injury lawyerYou have probably been told many times what to do after a motor vehicle accident if you were driving. However, few would know what steps to take after being hit by a car as a pedestrian. In many cases, the pedestrian is transported to the hospital by ambulance immediately after the accident and is unable to even exchange information with the driver at the scene. One of the smartest things you can do after getting hit by a car, as soon as you are able, is to contact an attorney. A qualified lawyer can take over investigating the accident and building your case while you recover. 

What to Do if You Are Hit by a Car While Walking

Accidents between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian tend to cause severe injuries. Recovering compensation for all your costs such as medical expenses and lost wages can be very important, as these costs can be quite high. Steps you can take to help preserve your claim and set you on the path to receiving compensation include: 

  • Emergency care - It is crucial that you seek medical care after getting hit by a car. Injuries that may not be readily apparent, like internal bleeding and head trauma, are common. The adrenaline rush you may experience can temporarily block pain, making it more difficult to tell if you are injured right away. You will need to be fully evaluated by a doctor after this type of accident. 


TX injury lawyerIt is a commonly quoted fact that you are more likely to get into a car accident on your way to or from the airport than you are to get in a plane crash. This is very true - the sheer amount of traffic around airports can increase the risk of an accident. The commonality of car accidents near airports presents a danger to locals and travelers alike. If you were hurt in a car accident near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, you will want to contact a lawyer with experience handling car accident cases in the area as soon as you can. Evidence like road debris tends to be cleaned up - and lost - rapidly after an accident on a busy road. You will need your lawyer to begin his investigation promptly.

What Dangerous Driving Behaviors Cause Accidents Near Airports?

Anyone who has traveled by air in modern times knows what a chaotic hassle the entire experience can be. However, this is no excuse for drivers to drive carelessly on their way to or from the airport. Here are some common problematic driving behaviors that often cause accidents near airports:

  • Rushing and speeding - Drivers who are running late for their flight are prone to speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, running red lights, and taking other risky actions in an effort to get to the airport on time. Locals may also become frustrated with airport traffic and try to speed through it.
  • Unfamiliar roads - Thousands of visitors to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area rent vehicles at the airport and run into trouble with navigation. People driving in an area they are not familiar with may not see their exit coming up and abruptly swerve, or start to get off at the wrong exit and back up. Or, they may overcorrect to avoid making a wrong turn.
  • Exhaustion - Between jet lag, early or late flight times, and the general tiredness that travel brings can cause drowsy drivers to get into an accident.
  • Distraction - People rushing to make a flight tend to be distracted. They may take their eyes off the road to attend to their children in the backseat, check on luggage, look at their flight schedule, or text someone an update.
  • Intoxication - Vacationers and business travelers alike tend to imbibe during travel. Some people feel that alcohol or drugs calm them down if they are nervous fliers. However, a calm airline passenger is not a safe driver if substances were involved.

While many of these factors are understandable, none of them is an excuse for causing a car accident and injuring someone.


IL injury attorneyAfter a car accident, it can be hard to think clearly. You might be in shock and have trouble remembering what you need to do between moving your car off the road, making sure everyone is okay, and trying to get insurance information from the other driver. One step should never be skipped - filing a police report. In Texas, drivers involved in an accident are required to report the crash to police if someone is injured, or if there is more than $1,000 in property damage. Beyond that, it is a good idea for preserving your claim should you later decide to seek compensation. If you have been hurt in a car crash, calling an attorney soon after the accident should also be a priority.

How Can a Police Report Help?

Besides keeping you out of legal trouble for failing to report an accident, there are a few reasons you should always file a police report after a car crash. A police report is sometimes the single most important piece of evidence in car crash litigation. Even if you do not think you will want to pursue compensation, it is important to have the police take a report anyway. Here is why:

  • Neutral Perspective - Two drivers involved in an accident often tell wildly different stories about how the accident happened when questioned. The police can serve as a neutral third party who will document what they think happened during the wreck, so it will be harder for the other driver to push their version of events later.
  • Preserving Evidence - Especially in more serious crashes, police may be able to document evidence from the scene of the crash that could help your case later.
  • Criminal Matters - If the other driver was DUI, driving recklessly, or committing another crime behind the wheel, police may arrest or ticket him. This can help you prove that the other driver was negligent in causing the wreck.
  • Weight of Evidence - Statements made by police officers are frequently considered more trustworthy than statements made by other bystanders or involved parties. Insurance companies may take the word of a police officer with little question.

Call a Dallas County Car Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a car accident, file a police report - then call an attorney. Jerry D. Andrews is experienced in helping car crash victims pursue compensation. Our Dallas car crash lawyers will fight for you to receive all the compensation you may be entitled to after an accident. Call 214-221-5800 for a free consultation.


Carrollton Personal Injury AttorneyRight after you have been in a car accident, you may be feeling a rush of emotions. You are likely experiencing an adrenaline rush, which can act as a natural painkiller and make injuries harder to notice. Even if you do not feel pain right away, or see any visible marks on your body, you may still be injured and it is even possible that those injuries are serious. Symptoms of some injuries may not appear for hours or even days. 

It is very important to get in contact with an attorney as soon as possible after an accident, whether you initially think you are injured or not. A knowledgeable car crash attorney will be able to begin preserving evidence that may be vital if you decide to file a claim later. 

What Car Crash Injuries Might Have Delayed Symptoms? 

Even if you did get medical care soon after the accident and did not seem to be injured, you should remain vigilant for new symptoms over the next several days. Injuries that may not appear immediately include: 


TX accident lawyerOf the different types of motor vehicle accidents that can occur, motorcycle crashes are some of the most dangerous. Motorcyclists have little in the way of protection, and if they are struck by a car or truck, they are likely to be seriously injured in the initial impact. They may also suffer additional injuries if they are thrown from their motorcycle and strike the ground, other vehicles, or objects near the road. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often blamed for collisions, even though an accident is much more likely to be caused by a driver who acted negligently. Victims of motorcycle accidents can protect their rights by working with an attorney who can help them recover compensation from the driver who was responsible for their injuries and damages.

Negligence Leading to Motorcycle Crashes

When drivers do not take the proper care to drive safely, they can put themselves at risk, but they also increase the risks of injuries to others. Motorcyclists may be injured in accidents that occur because of driver negligence such as:

  • Distracted driving - Motorcycles can sometimes be difficult to see, especially for drivers of vehicles with large blind spots, such as SUVs, vans, or trucks. If a driver is not fully paying attention to the road, they may fail to notice a motorcycle traveling near their vehicle, and they may collide with a motorcycle or run it off the road if they do not look before changing lanes or making turns.
  • Drunk driving - The use of alcohol or drugs can drastically impair a person’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. Effects of intoxication may include blurred or double vision that may make it more difficult to see motorcycles, increased reaction times that cause a driver to be unable to act in time to avoid colliding with a motorcyclist, or issues with balance and coordination that affect a driver’s ability to control their vehicle safely.
  • Traffic violations - Traffic laws are meant to ensure that vehicles can operate safely and that everyone who uses the road is protected. When drivers violate these laws, they make it more likely that accidents will occur, and certain types of violations increase the chances of motorcyclist injuries. Drivers who exceed the speed limit may be unable to slow down or stop in time to avoid colliding with a motorcycle, and those who follow too closely behind motorcycles may strike a motorcyclist from behind. Motorcyclists may also be injured in collisions that occur when a driver runs a red light or stop sign or makes an illegal turn in front of a motorcycle.

Contact Our Dallas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you are a motorcyclist who has been injured in a collision caused by another driver, Attorney Jerry D. Andrews P.C. can help you understand your legal options. We will work to ensure that a negligent driver is held responsible for all of the ways you have been affected, including your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Contact our Irving, TX motorcycle accident attorney at 214-221-5800 to arrange a free consultation today.

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